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Brigitte Massek

My name is Brigitte Massek and I am the creative mind behind Carabas Crafts and the illustrator, pattern designer and artisan in my small company.

I was born and raised in Salzburg in Austria. However, I currently live in the north of the state with my husband and young daughter.

During my school and university days, I repeatedly got to know new handicraft techniques such as knitting, crocheting, macrame, spinning and weaving, screen and linoleum printing and much more. I also took some art classes during this time.

I still love trying new things today and creating very individual gifts with my hands.

Mehrere geöffnete Bücher

I take inspiration from different things for Carabas Crafts products. Above all, fairy tales from my childhood or stories that I read to my little daughter (again) inspire my creative process.

Another source for me is nature and the environment in which I grew up and in which I live.

There are some castles, fortresses and ruins nearby. Large forests, mountains and fields are also a significant part of nature.
In the north of the state - where I live with my family - there are also the large moors, where we recharge our batteries with regular walks.

To put it simply: a perfect backdrop for fairy tales and fabulous things - ideal for dreaming.

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