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Arts & Crafts
from Carabas

Carabas Crafts represents arts and crafts from the legendary Land of Puss in Boots.

The product range corresponds to a fantasy fairy tale style with a touch of vintage, as if it had been designed and produced by the craftsmen and artists' guilds from the fairy tale kingdom.

Behind it, however, is the artisan Brigitte Massek from Salzburg, Austria, who lovingly developed and drew each design herself by hand.

" (...) The king, who passed shortly afterwards, wanted to know who owned the cornfields that lay before him. "They belong to the Marquis of Carabas," replied the reapers, and again the king rejoiced with the marquis. (...) " - Charles Perrault, Puss in Boots

Our environment
is important to us



Biodegradable packaging

Private garbage culture

Elimination of unnecessary paper use

Short delivery routes


recyclable material

(where possible)

We continue to strive to reduce our own ecological footprint in both our professional and private lives and are constantly improving.

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